About Us

How big is it?

The College is small – we have approximately 150 students per year aged 16 to 18 (plus another 500+ older students). This means that we know our students and offer a friendly and supportive environment. Classes are taught in small groups, usually between 8 and 10 people.

Is Greenbank College just for disabled students?

No, we offer courses for disabled and non-disabled students and a very supportive learning environment for everyone.

Who runs it?

The College is run by Greenbank, a registered charity whose mission statement is:

“To enhance the opportunities and status of people with disabilities through education, training, employment, transport, sport and recreation.”

What Our students Have to Say¦

Overall, 97.3% of students say that they enjoyed their time at Greenbank College

‘If there’s anything you need there’s always someone to ask’

‘You get to know everyone, get close to everyone who’s in your class dead quick and become like a little family’

‘I was stuck on my work my tutor was always willing to help me and if I didn’t understand she wouldn’t mind going over things so I understood’

‘Fun and informal’

Information and quotes taken from 2012 Learner Have Your Say and Focus Group Report 2012