Catering student stirring food on a hob in a catering kitchen

Level 2 Diploma in Professional Cookery (Preparation and Cooking)

The Level 2 Catering and Hospitality course is ideal if you have a passion for food and drink and wish to have a career in the Catering & Hospitality sector in a role such as chef or waiter. Completing this course is your first step to working in a professional kitchen or restaurant. You will learn all the basic duties to enable you to become a chef, from maintaining a safe place of work to preparing and baking food items. You will gain real-world experience working and learning in a professional kitchen and contribute towards providing and managing the canteen services.

What will I study?

  • Investigating the hospitality industry
  • Health and safety
  • Food hygiene
  • Healthy eating
  • Preparation and cooking of hot and cold savoury dishes including meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, sauces and soups
  • Hot and cold desserts
  • Baking and dough products

Who is the course for?

  • People aged 16 – 18
  • People aged up to 24 who declare a disability and have an EHC Plan
  • 19+

What are the entry requirements?

  • English and Maths qualification at Level 1 or above or GCSE at grade D (Grade 3) or above
  • Previous industry experience will be considered

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed throughout the course to check on your progress. This will consist of 9 theoretical assessments under exam conditions and on-going practical assessments throughout the year. You will need to pass all assessments to gain the qualification.

What could I progress to?

After you have achieved the Level 2 Catering and Hospitality qualification, you could progress to:

  • Level 3 course
  • Traineeships
  • Apprenticeship
  • Employment in a role such as Commis Chef or Waiter

When does the course start?

September 2023

What is a Study Programme?

If you are aged 16 – 18 or up to 24, declare a disability and have an EHC Plan this course will form part of your study programme.

The programme also includes:

  • English & Maths
  • Citizenship & Employability
  • Work Experience or Placement
  • Enrichment
  • 1-to-1 Personal Tutor Sessions

Find out more about our Study Programme

How much will the course cost?

Courses are free for all students aged 16 – 18 (or up to 24 if you declare a disability and have an Education, Health & Care Plan).