Ascentis Entry Level 3 Award, Extended Award and Certificate in English Skills

Course content

Students complete two units out of those below. A tutor will recommend, following discussions, the most appropriate units to study, based on individual English skills profile.


  • read and understand short, straightforward texts on familiar subjects accurately and independently
  • read and obtain information from sources they encounter on a daily basis


  • plan and draft written work
  • present points in a logical order and write in short paragraphs
  • recognise and write topic sentences and write relevantly to the purpose
  • check writing for errors and write legibly


  • learn the spellings of commonly used words
  • have a sound grasp of basic spelling rules
  • be able to check their own work for errors

 Grammar and Punctuation

  • write simple sentences and use correct verb tense and subject verb agreement
  • punctuate using basic punctuation marks
  • practise checking work for grammatical and punctuation errors

 Receiving and Responding to Information

  • listen carefully and respond relevantly
  • ask questions to clarify their understanding
  • be able to confirm their own and others’ understanding


  • communicate in a range of situations and
  • demonstrate the skills required to engage in discussion

Who is the course for?

People aged 16 – 18

People aged up to 24 who declare a disability and have an EHC Plan

This is a stepping stone qualification and is aimed at learners who may have gained an Entry Level 3 qualification but may need some additional time to develop their English skills before moving up to the next level.

Assessment method

There will be exams at the end of this course.

Future opportunities / career options

Progression to further English qualifications.