English for Everyday Life

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Course content

Speaking and listening

  • listen and respond to familiar people in everyday situations such as following requests and instructions
  • communicate with others, using signs or symbols to get your ideas across and to find information take part in simple discussions


  • understand that meaning can be gained through different types of printed information and that some of this might interest you
  • be able to communicate with other what you have learned in printed material
  • recognise a growing number of words linked to familiar things and people etc.


  • use words, signs and symbols, images and be able to match them to things, people and places
  • use letters and words to write some familiar words
  • use other methods of writing if there is difficulty with handwriting

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at students who are 16 years or over who do not yet have the skills to progress to an accredited course.

Assessment Method

As the course progresses your tutor will check your work and will assess you in terms of your ability to be competent in a range of particular topic. Over the course of the year,

you will develop a portfolio of your completed work and activities. There are no formal examinations or tests and progression to the next level will be determined by your tutor.

Entry requirements

To start on this course you need to show at Initial Assessment that this is a suitable level for your current skills. You will be asked to complete a diagnostic assessment to confirm that this is the correct level.

Future opportunities / career options

Completion of this course will enable learners to progress to Entry Level 1 qualifications.