Foundation Learning

Greenbank College offers three levels of pre-vocational study qualifications which are designed around practical skills and tasks that place an emphasis on learners demonstrating what they can do rather than what they know in theory: 

  • BTEC Entry Level 1 in Pe-Vocational Study
  • BTEC Entry Level 2 in Pre-Vocational Study
  • BTEC Entry 3 to Vocational Study

These qualifications give learners the opportunity to acquire and develop generic and transferable skills in order to complete tasks and demonstrate a level of achievement at:

  • Entry Level 1, which enables them to work towards independent living skills, progress to
    supported volunteering programmes or progress to further learning at Entry Level 2.
  • Entry Level 2, which enables them to further develop their independent living skills, progress to supported volunteering and employment programmes or progress to further learning at Entry Level 3.
  • Entry Level 3, which enables them to  progress to supported employment programmes (supported internships) or progress to further learning at Level 1 providing that they have achieved Entry Level 3 standard in their English and Maths to support this progression.

All of these qualifications have two mandatory units:

  • Skills for Learning and Life
  • Team Challenge 

They also have numerous optional units which the tutor can choose from to enable the learner to develop a range of different transferable and generic skills to support their personal development and confidence and positive learning progression. Some of these units are:

  • Finding Out About a Topic 
  • Designing a Product 
  • Creating a Product 
  • Presenting to Others 
  • Attending an event, planning an event and making an event a success 
  • Using and Providing Customer Service 
  • Planning a Visit and Going on a Visit 
  • Using Money and Financial Awareness
  • Living with Online Technology 
  • Using Technology for a Purpose 
  • Supporting Other Individuals 
  • Communicating with People 
  • Contributing to the Community 
  • Managing Time 
  • Responding to a Situation 
  • Health and Wellbeing 

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If you are interested in applying for one of these pathways, please complete an online application.