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Functional Skills Qualification in Mathematics (Entry 2)

The Entry Level 2 Maths course will focus on numeracy skills that are used in everyday life.

What will I study?

  • Understanding whole numbers and recognise number sequences, including odd and even numbers
  • Solving problems using addition, subtraction and using times tables
  • Use simple scales and measures for weights and distance
  • Find quarters of shapes and numbers
  • Use measurements for activities which include using time and money
  • Names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes
  • Handling data from interpreting tables and  charts

Who is the course for?

  • People aged 16 – 18
  • People aged up to 24 who declare a disability and have an EHC Plan
  • Adults aged 19+ (if studying towards a vocational qualification)

What are the entry requirements?

To start on this course you need to show at Initial Assessment that this is a suitable level for your current skills. You will be asked to complete a diagnostic assessment to confirm that this is the correct level.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment of progress will be in the form of paper based exams that are internally assessed.

What could I progress to?

After you have achieved the Entry Level 2 Maths qualification, you could progress to:

What is a Study Programme?

If you are aged 16 – 18 or up to 24, declare a disability and have an EHC Plan this course will form part of your study programme. The programme also includes:

  • Work-related qualification or target
  • English
  • Citizenship & Employability
  • Work Experience or Placement
  • Enrichment
  • 1-to-1 Personal Tutor Sessions

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How much will the course cost?

English qualifications are free for everyone up to Level 2.