What is a Study Programme?

All 16-18 year olds, and those aged up to 24 with an EHCP, will follow a Study Programme – a personalised learning programme which supports your development and helps you to achieve your goals for work and life.

The study programme at Greenbank College aims to promote confident students who leave the College with the knowledge, skills, qualifications, behaviours, character and values that enable them to live independently, become fully active citizens and gain employment.

The level you study at will usually depend on the qualifications you have already.

Study Programme Levels

If you have: You could study: You could progress to:
Foundation Learning Study Programmes
TBC Pre-Entry Study Programme
  • Entry Level 1/2/3 Study Programme
  • Supported Internship Study Programme
No qualifications or pre–entry qualifications or
Entry Level 1 qualification
Entry Level 1/2/3 Study Programme
  • Level 1/Entry Level 3 Study Programme
  • Supported Internship Study Programme
Supported Internship Study Programme
Level of qualification irrelevant Supported Internship Study Programme
  • Employment
Vocational Study Programmes
Entry Level 2 qualification Level 1/Entry Level 3 Study Programme
  • Level 2 Study Programme
  • Traineeship 
  • Apprenticeship
  • Employment / volunteering
Level 1 qualification plus English and maths at Level 1 or
2 GCSEs at grade 3 – 1 / D – G (including English)
Level 2 Study Programme
  • Level 3 Study Programme
  • Traineeship 
  • Apprenticeship
  • Employment / volunteering
Level 2 qualification plus English and maths at Level 2 or
4 GCSEs at grade 9 – 4 / A* – C (including English)
Level 3 Study Programme
(1 or 2 years)
  • Level 3 Study Programme – Year 2
  • Apprenticeship
  • Foundation Degree
  • Higher Degree
  • Employment 

What will I study?

Your study programme will consist of:

  • Work-related qualification or targets
  • English & Maths
  • Citizenship & Employability
  • Work Experience or Placement
  • Enrichment
  • 1-to-1 Personal Tutor Sessions

Work-related qualification or targets

If you are doing any of the Foundation Learning Study Programmes you will develop skills in independent living and employment plus you will get the opportunity to sample a number of different work-related areas.

On the Vocational Study Programme, the main part of your programme will consist of a specific work-related course that will lead to an industry recognised qualification which will enable you to progress to further study or gain employment. The area you study in will depend on your interests and career ambitions.

Work-related areas of study we offer are:

English & Maths

English and maths skills are important for all job roles and employers value them highly. It is also essential you are at the right level in English and maths to be able to progress in your work-related qualification. This is why all students study English and maths as part of their Study Programme. The level at which you will study will be based on the qualifications you already have and/or assessment.

Citizenship & Employability

It is important that you have the skills to get on in life and achieve your personal and career ambitions. Your timetable will include Citizenship and Employability lessons to teach you these fundamental skills that are essential for your personal development. Citizenship will include finding out about British values and how they impact on every day life and how to look after yourself. Employability will help you develop the skills you need to find and keep a job or volunteering opportunity, help plan your progression into employment or further study, how to search and apply for jobs, learn interview skills and be aware of your rights and responsibilities at work. Throughout the year, you will also be able to engage with employers by having site visits, employer workshops and talks.

Work Experience & Placements

Gaining experience through a placement with an employer can help to expand the skills you have developed on your Study Programme.

If you are on a Foundation Study Programme you are likely to have an internal placement in the College or at Greenbank Sports Academy or you may take part in a social action such as helping to improve the lives of the local community. If you are ready, you may be supported to take part in an external placement with an employer.

If you are on the Vocational Study Programme your placement will be directly linked to the work-related qualification your are working towards. It is a chance for you to find out about what it is like to work in your chosen sector. If necessary, you will be supported while you undertake you work placement to ensure you get the most out of it.


Developing your personal and social skills is required for you to grow as a person. Our enrichment programme is designed to help you develop skills such as teamwork, creativity, communication and confidence building.

1-to-1 Personal Tutor Sessions

You will meet with your Personal Tutor at least twice per term to ensure that you keep on track to meet all of your Study Programme goals. This is a chance for you to self-reflect on how you think you are doing and discuss your progress and targets.