Greenbank College Holds its Own EU Referendum

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016
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College staff and students debate EU Referendum

Ahead of the UK’s EU Referendum on 23rd June, students and staff at Greenbank College held a debate before voting on the matter.

It was chaired by student Jordan Connerty, as the audience listened to arguments presented by supporters from both sides.

‘In’ supporters spoke about the benefits of being part of a large community and local EU investment which had resulted in the Arena and Liverpool One being built. Speakers also mentioned about the EU support given to Greenbank.

‘Out’ campaigners quoted Einstein’s definition of Insanity: ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’ as a reason for being brave and trying something new. Also the number of European countries not currently in the EU who are operating effectively without its support and the fact that membership means that the UK has less of a say on important issues.

The fifty-one people who took part in the vote decided:

In: 33

Out: 21

So at Greenbank the result is to stay in the EU.

To take part in the actual EU Referendum you must be Registered to Vote by 7th June 2016.