How to deal with bullying

by Hayley Trowbridge - Monday, November 25th, 2013
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If you are being bullied at school or at college you need to tell someone. This could be a friend, a teacher and or your parents. It is hard to stop bullying unless you tell other people that it is happening. Bullying is very upsetting and can have a negative impact on your health – if you need to, you can also speak to your doctor about this.

At school/college, your form or tutors need to know what is going on so that they can help you and you can tell them about the bullying when no-one else is about, for example after-class or during lunch/break. Don’t be tempted to respond to any bullying or hit back because you could get hurt or get into trouble, and it probably will not resolve the issue anyway.

Sometimes people bully other people because they are different from themselves. This could be because of lots of reasons such as they look different or they may have a different cultural background. Many people experience bullying, so remember that you are not alone in experiencing it, but this does not mean that bullying is ever acceptable. You must tell someone if you are being bullied so that it can be stopped as soon as possible, don’t keep it to yourself.

(This information has been adapted from, which is a good place to visit for more information or advice on bullying).


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