Lights, camera, report!

by Amanda Tozer - Friday, November 15th, 2013
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Welcome to our report on a quick guide to community reporting. This guide will help you understand what community reporting is about and how it can help you and others.

So what is community reporting?

Well, community reporting is reporting for the community. We give everyone a voice so they can share their stories and opinions with people all over the world via the internet. We do all kinds of reports and do them in different ways such as written stories, photo reports and video reports.

So, now you’re probably wondering who runs this fantastic project, right? Well its run by People’s Voice Media and they have provided Toxteth T.V. with the license to run the training in Merseyside. Toxteth TV are currently training Greenbank College students to train them in how to use community reporting skills to market the college. This is being supported by the marketing team at Greenbank.

So, do you want to know where community reporting happens?

Community reporting takes place every day, all over Merseyside and Europe. The training can happen in schools and local community buildings to make sure everyone that is interested or can learn about it. To find out more visit

Created by Liam Hudson, Jordan Connerty and Ian Healey.


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