Lively Devolution Debate

Friday, June 23rd, 2017
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Our students and staff were encouraged to take an interest in Devolution and its impact at a recent College debate.

People were given the opportunity to speak for two minutes about the issues that were important to them – with invited guest, newly elected Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, Steve Rotheram in attendance.

Customer Service students Ethan Simpson and Tayla Magee, did a fantastic job in keeping the discussion in order as thirteen staff and students took up the challenge.

Common issues raised by speakers were:

  • Housing
  • Green energy
  • Green transport routes (Cycling)
  • Education budgets
  • Impact of austerity
  • Bus routes and transport
  • Mental health funding
  • Community centre funding

Steve Rotheram responded by saying:

“Through the process of devolution we now have an opportunity to do things for ourselves.

I want to use devolution to reenergise our City Region’s dynamism and creativity with a 21st century vision of ideas first extolled and brought to life by our forebearers – all those years ago.

We were pivotal to the first Industrial Revolution as the gateway to the New World. Let’s ensure we are pivotal to the 4th Industrial Revolution – by being the digital gateway to the New Economy.

I want the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs to establish and grow their enterprises in our area – whilst also ensuring we attract and develop the best talent. Our people are our greatest asset – that is why speaking to young people is so important.

I will follow up on this debate by responding personally to the issues raised.”

Education and Curriculum Manager Anne Kinsella added:

“Thanks to Steve for taking the time to come and listen to what the Greenbank community has to say about what’s important to them and increasing awareness of the process of devolution.”