Maths students consider the question of time

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015
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world maths day

Tutor Mark Canty (second left) with students showing their time maps

As World Maths Day approaches (4 March 2015) we thought that it would be interesting to find out what some of our Entry and Level 1 Functional Skills Maths students have been up to and how Maths is relevant to everyday life.

Students were asked why time is important to them and to document the answer by producing a personal timetable of their day.

Tutor Mark Canty commented;

“Time is extremely important in daily life and it helps us to organise everyday activities and interact with others in a co-ordinated way.

Functional Skills Maths qualifications at this level include a unit about time. This helps to ensure that students have an understanding of this valuable concept and how it is meaningful to them.”

Student Chris Anderton said;

“I enjoyed thinking how I use time to help me. In catering it means that I know how long something needs to cook for.”