Pass It On Reporters get to grips with audio reporting

by Hayley Trowbridge - Thursday, February 5th, 2015
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In their latest training workshop, the Pass It On Community Reporters were busy getting to grips with audio production skills. Audio is often forgotten about, or overlooked in media production, because we do live in a visually dominated culture…but that doesn’t mean audio reporting cannot be a powerful way of communicating to audiences. So the reporters began the workshop by planning audio reports that looked at online safety…

On the 10th February 2015 the world celebrates Safer Internet Day, so with this in mind the team of reporters researched the awareness-raising day and online safety further. One group focused on the event itself. Using the UK Safer Internet Centre’s site as a starting point, the group found out more about Safer Internet Day and what activities are part of it, before putting this together into a script. Another group of budding reporters, looked at how people can stay safe online and created a list of 10 things people can do to get the most out of the Internet…whilst being safe! The final group prepared for an interview with an ICT teacher on the topic of Cyber Bullying. They used their training in interview techniques and question writing from earlier workshops to write a list of questions they’d like to ask about how bullying can happen online.

With the planning done, the reporters then took part in some sound recording 101 training. Using zoom audio recorders the reporters explored mic placement, audio levels, and how we monitor the audio quality being recorded…and then with these new skills the teams went off to record their reports! Next week, the groups will be using Audacity to edit together their reports and then blog them online. So if you’re looking to get more clued-up on online safety, check back next week and have a listen to what our reporters have produced!