Students make a noise about bullying

Monday, November 23rd, 2015
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Catering students help create Anti Bullying Poster

Lots of our students have been involved with ‘Making a Noise about Bullying’ throughout Anti-Bullying Week (16th to 20th November) through tutor led discussion and by creating their own anti-bullying messages.

Class discussions helped students to understand who is vulnerable to bullying and how these experiences affected them.

anti-bullying-poster250The work students produced has been collated into a giant poster for display in the college.

When asked why it is important to participate in anti-bullying week, Student Adam Ellis said “It’s important to raise awareness of bullying”.

Tutor Judith Jenkins said “It’s really important to teach students about bullying. We want our students to keep themselves and their friend’s safe, and to help them outside of our safe college environment. Teaching what constitutes bullying, and how to respond to it is a vital life skill I believe everybody needs.”