Supported Intern starts work in Broadgreen Hospital department

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020
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Charlie standing in the hospital grounds outside in his uniform

Our group of 10 supported interns are working on their induction with Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and gradually starting in their rotational roles. Each intern will work in different areas depending on their skills and what they wish to do so they learn a variety of skills whilst on the programme.

Charlie is working as a van driver’s assistant for Sterile Services. This role includes collecting and delivering equipment that is used in operations and dental work to and from Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool University Dental Hospital, Aintree University Hospital and Broadgreen Hospital sites. He will be helping to load and unload the equipment and deliver equipment back to Sterile Services on site at Broadgreen Hospital.

Charlie was asked how he was feeling starting his first rotation:

“I am happy, nervous and excited to be starting my first rotation at sterile services at Broadgreen. I am hoping to learn some new skills and apply for a job when one becomes available.”

Jen, his job coach commented:

“Charlie has gained confidence in such a short time. I am really pleased he has been given this opportunity as he will be a great asset to the team and I look forward to watching him grow and succeed.”