The Pass It On Community Reporters are back in action!

by Hayley Trowbridge - Friday, January 23rd, 2015
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A new group of Pass It On Community Reporters have started their training and they are off to a flying start!

A group of Greenbank College students are currently participating in a 9-week training course that will equip them with the skills needed to be Community Reporters who will create blog posts for the College’s website. The training they will receive will cover how to structure reports, some photography techniques, produce audio production and basic filmmaking skills…to name but a few. Already the group has got to grips with the Community Reporter editorial policy and have explored how to structure a community report using the ‘5 W’s principle’ (Who? What? Where? Why? and When?) and information hierarchies (e.g. what information is vital to a report and what is a luxury!).

This week the group got to test out their newly developed skills and interview other Greenbank College students about their experiences on work placements. The Pass It On Community Reporters worked in small teams to design interview questions, note down the interviewees’ answers, and write-up the interview as a short report.

After doing their first ever interview, the reporters commented on how it had been “fun” and “exciting“. Another of the reporters stated that “It had been interesting doing the interviews as it had given them a good understanding of work placements involve“. The reports they have produced will be blogged on here next week…so watch this space!