Time Capsule Project

Thursday, June 18th, 2020
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Some of our students have been recording their time during lockdown with a Time Capsule Project. Diane McLoughlin, our Art, Design and Textiles tutor shared a great resource for students to record their time during lockdown. We are currently living in a time that is strange to us all. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we live our lives considerably and this can have an effect on our well-being. It is important for students to reflect on the experience and try to make sense of it and this project was a great way to encourage them to do that.

Diane said: “The Time Capsule Project is an opportunity for students to write about the things they like, activities they are looking forward to, things they miss. I saw it as a good tool to help good mental health as well making some art. Students have engaged well with this, writing their thoughts and feelings as well as drawing pictures and including newspaper cuttings.”

A few comments from students about what they have learnt during the lockdown include:

“Never take simple things for granted.”

“I have learnt to cook at home and to look after my family.”

You can download the Time Capsule project here

Take a look at some of the work from the time capsules:

Front page of My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule

Colourful hand outlines of a family as part of the Time Capsule Project Drawing of family as part of the Time Capsule Project Students work on 'How I'm Feeling' for their Time Capsule Project Student writing all about themselves in their Time Capsule Project Writing showing who student is in lockdown with for their Time Capsule Project A student's letter to themselves as part of the Time Capsule Project