What is cyber-bullying?

by Hayley Trowbridge - Monday, November 25th, 2013
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Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place online or on your mobile phone. Whilst sites such as Facebook and YouTube can be great places to have fun and chat with friends, they can also be places where cyber bullying happens. People can also experience cyber bullying on their mobile phones through nasty texts messages or prank phone calls.

Cyber bullying can include:

  • stolen identity
  • threats
  • blackmail
  • rumours and gossip
  • abusive comments
  • nasty pictures

But don’t worry, there are ways of dealing with this type of bullying and ways to protect yourself. If you see anything inappropriate on these sites or your mobile phone then you should always tell an adult that you trust such as a parent or teacher – they will know what to do next. Many social media sites also have ways you report bad behaviour directly to the site.

To keep yourself safe when you are online, you should make sure you do not give personal details away such as your address or phone number. You should also not share information or photographs of yourself that you would be uncomfortable with other people seeing – for example, if you wouldn’t want your Mum to read it, don’t post it! You should also make sure your password is secure and check the privacy settings on your account to ensure that they are at an appropriate level.

(This information has been adapted from www.bullying.co.uk, which is a good place to visit for more information or advice on bullying).


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